Creality3D Ender-3 PRO


The Ender-3 PRO is a high precision FDM 3D printer that offers an upgraded printing experience with a improved high standard structure, magnetic build platform, and patented extruder technology

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The Ender-3 PRO is an upgraded 3D printer for creating high-quality prints with a simple, user-friendly design for all ages. The magnetic build sheet offers a solution to printing edge problems and saves on printing costs. The precisely manufactured structure and improved control board offer efficient and reliable printing.     

Key Features:

  • Magnetic Platform Sticker - The Ender-3 Pro features a unique new build platform that is a magnetic sticker. With this design, the prints adhere better to the platform and its much easier to remove models without risking damage.

Ender-3 Pro Magnetic Platofrm

  • Rapid Heating - Waiting for the bed to heat up on the Ender-3 Pro is simple and fast: it only takes 5 minutes to reach up to 110°C This meets the requirements for printing a variety of materials. 

Ender-3 Pro Rapid Heating

  • High Precision - Precise positioning of the axis mounting grooves promises users a precise and stable structure for the best printing results.

  • Simple Leveling Method - The ergonomic design has changed the leveling process for the Ender-3 Pro. Its larger hand-turn nut enables users to level the platform quickly and easily. 

Ender-3 Pro Simple Levelling

  • Resume Printing Feature - The Ender-3 Pro protects projects from any power failure users may experience. With this feature, achieve long-time and reliable printing. 

Ender-3 Pro Resume Printing Feature

  • Stable Power Supply - An improved power supply in the Ender-3 Pro is trusted and manufactured by a mature technology company, therefore giving users the reassurance of having the best printing experience with minimal failures.


Data sheet

Print Speed
+/ - 0.1mm
Slicing Software
Cura, Repetier- Host, Simplify3D
Equipment Size
Package Size
Net Weight
Gross Weight
Forming Technology
FDM (Fused Deposition Molding)
Nozzle Diameter
Standard 0.4mm, can be 0.2mm or 0.3mm
Nozzle Diameter
File Format
.STL, .obj, .amf
Power Requirement
Input: AC 100-120V/6.8A 200-240V/3.4A 50/60Hz Output: DC 24V 270W
Max Hotbed Temp
Printing Size
220*220*250 mm
PLA, ABS, Wood, TPU, Gradient colour, carbon fibre
Online or SD card offline